{"current":0,"rowCount":10,"total":4,"rows":[{"id":"4","topic":"S3 Question Papers of Major Branches uploaded...","details":"We have uploaded the question papers of S3 question papers of major branches.Thanks again to MBCET and KTUWEB for sharing them.","ts":"2017-07-08 09:51:12","role":"Moderator","link":"","mode":"Site","uid":"0"},{"id":"3","topic":"First and Second Semester Question Papers Uploaded","details":"We have uploaded S1 and S2 Previous Question papers on the Site.Credits to MBCET and KTU Web for sharing it.We have just organized it for a much faster access.","ts":"2017-07-08 09:45:04","role":"Moderator","link":"","mode":"Site","uid":"0"},{"id":"2","topic":"Syllabus Section Complete.....","details":"We have completed the design syllabus section of the website.You can now download the syllabus of various subjects with ease.Some of the syllabus is not yet available we will update as soon as KTU releases them.","ts":"2017-07-08 07:27:15","role":"Moderator","link":"","mode":"Site","uid":"0"},{"id":"1","topic":"Site is now up and running.....","details":"The site is now fully functional.We are looking for passionate teachers and students to work with us.","ts":"2017-07-08 07:27:05","role":"Moderator","link":"","mode":"Site","uid":"0"}]}